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psls request [05 Jun 2017|10:19pm]
drop a comment for any sl or idea...

people i play: kylie jenner, kim kardashian, ashlee simpson, britney spears, christina aguilera, sophia bush and more. just ask
rated: x - hardcore - descriptive
prefer: femme or het
aim and threading ok
dirty talk, always a damn plus over aim
aim: findhardcore
note: if you want to start up dirty talk, feel free. just let me know details before we start.
availability: nights, weekends, days on aim

sls I've been wanting;
kim/kylie celeb or pb
christina aguilera/kylie jenner
christina aguilera/miley cyrus

im basically an open book with a love for sex. if you don't like it - that's ok you can find someone else. my lines don't always have to consist of that but we can always make it fun and interesting. or hell, if you just want smut, hardcore sex, dirty talk - i can be your person too.

I'm in the process of updating this journal for more info. want to know? ask
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